Wednesday, October 14, 2009

simplest way to index your drive

Hi all, thought i'd share this quick tip for indexing. i have 3 drives in my external hard disk and most of the time i forget what all files i have inside them. I figured it be good if i have a list containing all the files,folders with their path in my i fiddled with dos prompt and found a way.You can try it. your command prompt
2.type the drive letter , say j: of the drive you want to get the contents of.
3.type dir /B /S > list.txt.

the file 'list.txt' will be created in your drive and it contents will look something like

click on the image.

4.If you have more than more than 1 drive then do steps 2 and 3 over again for all drives. to copy all list to one file,type copy "path of list.txt for drive 1" + "path of list of drive 2" .. "path of destination file"
now the destination file say, full.txt will have the list of all files on the drives.

now just ctrl+f the file and search for a file or folder. It will show the path of the file highlighted.just copy the line and paste it in the explorer to access it.I know it sounds dumb coz just searching *.* will show u all the files but its always nice to have a list right? i'll point the uses of this list file.

1. you can just send list file to your friends and flaunt your collection of movies.aaah!!the feel of power , to have your friend ask you for a movie.
2. once you have the file, it'll be always quicker to open the list and search for a searches inside a file faster than the contents of a drive or a directory.
3.Because you are worth it.he he.can't think of a third reason and i was staring at the monitor for long time after typing "3.".

to make it simple you can just copy the following code and save it as a .bat file.btw, it goes without saying that j: is the drive for which i'm creating the list.

dir /B /S > list.txt

PS: I wrote this post while at office.
PPS:dunno why i told you I'm at office.bye.